Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Nick of Time"

My friend and colleague Alexandra MacKenzie announced yesterday that her book Nick of Time (a time-travel, science fiction, slashy mystery novel), is going to be published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. Tentative pub date of Fall 2010.

Alex wrote this novel about a decade ago, and has been shopping it around all this time (without an agent, which is apparently more easy in SF than in literary fiction). Everything about this publishing business is maddeningly slow, you know. Be prepared, future authors, to wait around a lot. It took over 18 months for Edge to decide to publish Alex' book. That's not a comment on the quality of Nick of Time, but indicative of the way the industry works in general.

Anyway, it's a good book, Edge is a reputable publisher with good distribution in the USA and Canada at least, and I'll keep you posted as I hear more from Alexandra. Meanwhile, you can read a sample of her writing here.


  1. Congratulations to Alexandra -- that's definitely an impressive time to wait for publication. I read the sample you linked, and it was great. Keep us updated! :)

  2. Congratulations to Alex! That's big news! Thanks for the link, Scott. I just read a few scenes. The writing is tight and funny, a pleasure to read.

  3. Alex is, predictably enough, now doing revisions for her editor ("some development of secondary characters"). I'll be interested to see how that goes.

  4. Scott, thanks for this! I've planned on a lot of waiting since I was in high school. And here I am still working and not even waiting yet. That's why I'm trying to enjoy the journey more than hurry through it. Things happen in their own time, especially in this industry!