Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rewrites, We Got Rewrites

I have now marked up the first four (4) chapters of my ms; I need to find time to actually type up the changes in The Master Document(tm), but still, I'm making good progress. It took me two months to rewrite the first chapter, but only a couple of hours to edit the next three. Things are looking pretty good chez Bailey. Not to mention that this weekend I built a fucking wall in my attic and put up a load of drywall and installed doors on a big storage space upstairs. I roolz.

Where was I? Oh, rewrites. It's going well, I think. As usual, for every paragraph I cut, I end up writing a new paragraph elsewhere in the narrative. My wordcount remains healthy and in the neighborhood of 90,000. Not that it so much matters at this point. My hope is to get a lot of editing done tomorrow while I'm sitting around at the DMV renewing my license. We'll see. And I still roolz.

And a question: My friend Ben Thompson, whose fab book "Badass" comes out in October and you should all buy a copy, asked me if I could think of any good interweb sites that review books (aside from the big sites like Kirkus), particularly quirky nonfiction historical books. If you can think of any sites that would review an ARC of a book about badasses through the centuries, let me know.


  1. You built a wall. Wow. I am highly impressed.

  2. Dominique: I am, too. Hence my shocking use of foul language.

  3. Your use of foul language is no longer shocking, Scott. Hah. I think it's pretty cool that you built a wall and you're still moving forward with your writing. I haven't done anything of the sort, and I'm crawling at a snail's pace with the writing. One of these days I'm going to burst forward and write a shocking amount of words, and they'll be good. :D

  4. I like it when you go ghetto, Scott. Congratulations with the revisions! As for the DMV, I'll be impressed if you can get something done with all the bustling there. Can't you make appointments in your state? That really saves time here.

    And, I'll keep my eyes open for your friend, but I can't think of anyone off the bat. LL?