Thursday, September 24, 2009

But who are these "young people?"

This is interesting. We are apparently in a literary boom. No wonder agents are buried in queries.

Also, Amazing Ben Thompson's cover art (finally):

The book has loads of cool illustrations and maps, too. I like maps. "Badass" comes out next month. Buy it at your plucky local independant bookstore!


  1. I know I write more than I ever did before. I remember as a kid very few people knew how to type. Now it's rare to find people who don't type. I was amazed a few years ago to see how fast my oldest was typing, but it shouldn't have surprised me she was IMing with 6 or 7 friends at a time. She had to type fast to carry on that many conversations at once. And she got plenty of practice.

  2. Yeah, my typing abilities stay in top form because I send emails all day long. Work-related, I swear. I have a phone at my desk, but almost every conversation I have is via email. I'm still unsure if I consider emailing or blogging to be "writing."