Friday, September 18, 2009

The Crazy

I have clearly gone mad, but I just realized that I miss being in the process of revising my novel. Not that I'm going to start in again, but...I do miss it. Which is likely a sign that I need to start working on my next project, working title "Cocke & Bull." That'll show me. That'll show me good.


  1. :) I'm glad you miss it and that this writing thing can be a hard habit to break.

  2. Ha! That’s the truth of it.
    It’s the roundtrip on the Writercycle.

  3. I know what you mean, Scott. My solution: Draft 49.

  4. It's addicting, that's for sure. You aren't crazy. Well, maybe we all are, so you fit right in. :)

  5. Should I call you before sending my finished draft (expected "soon"), or is that terribly, dreadfully unnecessary?

  6. Annie: What I miss most is having time to write.

    jbchichoine: I fell off the writercycle this summer, but now that I'm back on, I want to stay on.

    Davin: That way lies madness! I want to start on Draft 1 of something new.

    Michelle: We're all mad here, and no mistaking.

    Justus: Just email the darned thing when you have it. I'm still typing up changes in my ms, so I won't even look at yours until, probably, the end of the month. But send it when you want to. I promise not to lose it!