Friday, September 25, 2009

The End is in Sight

I made excellent progress last night, typing up my changes into the ms. I think that I can finish up in either one long session or two nice short sessions at the keyboard. I remain well pleased with what I've wrought, and even though I am still in Writer Mode and keep coming up with all sorts of new ideas to throw into the book, That Way Lies Madness And I Refuse To Succumb To The Lure Of Additional Scenes. Unless I do succumb, in which case someone needs to drop by and hit me with a brick. It is a fact undeniable that changing one word anywhere in the manuscript necessitates changing lots of other words throughout the rest of the book, and I just don't have the rest of my life to fiddle around with it. I have other books to write, and "So Honest A Man" is fine the way it stands.

Also, my astrologer has told me this:

Your time is up, Virgo. No further stalling will be allowed. We need your answer now: Will you or will you not take advantage of the messy but useful offer that is on the table? Don't ask for an extension, because you ain't getting one. Please take advantage of this chance to prove that you love yourself too much to get hoodwinked and abused by perfectionism. Be brave enough to declare your allegiance to the perspective articulated by the mathematician Henri Poincaré: "There are no solved problems. There are only more-or-less solved problems."

Who am I to argue against that sort of logic?

The word count keeps dropping, little by little, but as I've been saying, the book is plenty long enough and the lost words were all just cluttering up the prose. It's a good book, and I'm glad I wrote it.


  1. Yes, finish this so you can write more books. Because I imagine after I read this one, I'll want to read the rest.

    Also, I love Rob Brezny.

  2. Awesome, Scott! I'm very excited for you! And I can't wait to read it. Monarch's almost done. 2 chapters. Two. Chapters. T.w.o. c.h.a.p.t.e.r.s. I can do it. You did it. So can I. :)

  3. I just finished typing up my changes and I'm printing out a hard copy. Yay, me! Final word count is 87,273 (down from 89,989 o the last draft). Mighty Reader gets to read it now if she wants, then I'll read through very quickly and see if I've messed anything up, and then it's off to the agent again!

    And Glam: Go, you!

  4. Annie: Thanks! I hope people like the book, and it sells well enough for me to write more.

    Rob Brezny is teh roxor!