Thursday, September 3, 2009

Missed Deadline

I just sent an email to my agent, telling him that I'm going to be about two weeks late with my revisions. I did not mention the word "deadline" because it turns out that I'd only given him the end of August as a provisional date. How smart I was to hedge my bets and pad my timeline.

Anyway, here's a brief status report: I have done all the big changes I wanted, and I still like what I've done. I'm almost finished reading through the whole ms, with about 45 or so pages to go, and happily enough I'm not finding much to change. A few entire pages without a mark on them! Chapters Seven and Eight didn't fare so well, and were almost rewritten from scratch, just because I didn't like the pacing.

My plan of action is to change one big scene, add in another big scene (already written) and add a bit of dialogue to another scene. Everything else is just playing with language and condensing dialogue. The hope is to actually finish revisions by Friday night, and type up all my changes into the Master Document the weekend of the 12th, when Mighty Reader and I have returned from a well-earned vacation along the coast. I may post pretty pictures if I think of it.

Was there a point? Oh, yeah: back in June, this revision looked impossible, but now here I am, nearly finished with it. See yesterday's post about perseverance.


  1. First of all, I love that you have a label named "Hating Hamlet." That cracks me up.

    So you've moved a bit faster on this than I've been moving on Monarch. I'm getting there... getting there. Perseverance. Perseverance!

    Please post pictures of your vacation on the coast. That's my favorite place on earth, and I love to see pictures of it.

  2. If he does, Rick, I think Scott's in trouble.

  3. You make me smile, Scott.

    I love how it was only June that this seemed impossible, and really, June wasn't so far away, and like you said, here you are, very nearly done.

    All you serious writers with your perseverance (which I like to pronounce per SEV er unce)give me hope.

  4. Michelle: I'll pack the camera and put up photos, I promise. And yes, just push forward always.

    Rick: I have no idea, but he knows that writers he represents all hate him during this phase of the process. He doesn't take it personally. Besides, he's really good at what he does and he likes my writing. He emailed me last night and told me to take my time and make the book "FABULOUS!" (his caps and exclamation point)

    Annie: I pronounce it "per sev EER ance" out loud, but in my head I say "per SEV er unce" or I can't spell it correctly. But yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; we just have to keep walking towards it.

  5. Oh, my! After all my laziness/madness, I might meet your/my extended deadline of two weeks. I like this idea, other self. Mhm.