Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Hope for Novella Writers

I read this morning that a new publishing house, Madras Press, will be publishing a line of novellas and donating all proceeds to a charity of the author's choice. Which is, you know, way cool. Of course, Madras Press stole the charity idea from Davin, Michelle and me at the Literary Lab. Or, not. In any case, if you see their books in your local independant bookstore, pick them up.

Also, if you're a dead European writer of novellas, there's a good chance that Melville House will publish your book. The Proust title featured on the page to which I've linked is quite fine. Their entire The Art of the Novella line is really cool. "Bartleby the Scrivener" is a must-read for anyone.

Other places printing small books that are very cool include Hobart. The Mary Miller book "Big World" is way better than good. Mary autographed my copy. She had no idea who I was, but that's okay; most people don't.


  1. This is great news, Scott. Thanks! Both of the story ideas I'm working on seem like they might be better as novellas. I blame Tolstoy for that. He teaches me how to be more concise, but he doesn't teach me how to write about a thousand characters at the same time, so my stories are getting shorter.

  2. Davin: Read more Proust! Though, clearly, not "The Lemoine Affair" if you're looking for expansive writing with a cast of thousands.

    I like the idea of writing a novella. Maybe someday. Maybe when I'm a famous and wealthy author, I'll write a novella, have a bunch of copies printed up, and give them away at book signings. It could happen.