Friday, September 4, 2009

There Is No Culture War

Remember how I said that one way to see who has power and who doesn't is to look at who feels free to speak and who does not? Well. We've heard this screed before. Everyone and their grandma feels pretty damn good about tearing down Eliot and the modernists and intellectuals and every classic they were told was great and turned out to be boring. You know why people keep trying to punch out Eliot after all these years? Because since him, this side of the fence has been short on champions. Precious few defenses of dense writing have been published in the Wall Street Journal. You have to go back to Eliot to get a good straw man to set on fire. Harold Bloom is just too easy.


  1. Bailey, You've plunged me into a pit of links in an attempt to get to the source of this!

  2. Malasarn, the WSJ article is the one that kicked it all off! "Pit of links" must be one of the circles of Hell.

  3. I think you need to write a post on the writer's circles of hell.

    This was an interesting topic to read about. I didn't know much of it was going on. That's where all the literary writers have been hiding!