Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Writing-Related

I post here only to show that even though I live in Seattle and it's the rainy season (known elsewhere as "Fall" or "Winter" or "Spring"), some days we have sunshine and it's warm enough to go outdoors. Below is breakfast in the back yard on Saturday. The cat in the photo is Madame Gradka, ruler-in-exile of the Kingdom of Myxolydia, seated on her portable throne.

More alarming than visiting royalty was the appearance yesterday afternoon of a peregrine falcon in the back yard. He swooped in between the trees, landing in the cherry tree with some smaller bird in his talons. Possibly he caught one of our dark-eyed juncos in mid-air, but I didn't see that. We did see drops of blood and feathers on the ground beneath the tree after we chased him out of the yard. It wouldn't do for our back yard to become a regular feeding ground for raptors.


  1. Well that is lovely. Everything about that picture is lovely. I want to move to Washington more than ever these days, especially as snow threatens to fall here in the Rockies.

    Did you make those croissants? I'm drooling.

  2. Who's got time to make croissants when there's writing to be done? They are from Bakery Nouveau, just up the hill from our house.

    Snow? I'd take snow. It's raining buckets here today.

  3. You don't want snow. You slide in it, and it's super cold and it gets dirty and gross. I'll have to try that bakery when I come visit someday. :)

  4. That's the puffiest croissant I ever did see. And, breakfast isn't complete without the cow-shaped creamer!

  5. We love the cow creamer so much that we have two! Between the puffy croissants and the creamer are dishes of raspberry jam and apricot preserves from our own kitchen. We know how to live.

  6. Those are some nice looking croissants!

    I think it's great that Madame Gradka has her own throne. Does hse have a required distance from the table? Humans?

    Unfortunately, my common cat doesn't know the meaning of distance. She just pops into a chair while we're eating and squeaks very loudly to announce her presence. Like we didn't know she was there!!

    We have a hawk who likes to perch on top of the arbor that harbors the bird feeder. So far, now brutal killings. The birds, squirrels, and other critters are pretty saavy about avoiding Mr. Hawk.


  7. Madame G. sits wherever she likes. None dare question her choices.

    There's an osprey who lives about two miles from our house, and once in a while we see it soaring over the neighborhood, but this is our first falcon sighting. There's a nest under an elevated freeway not far away; I assume he came from there. What was strange about his arrival in the yard was that most of the birds at the feeders remained where they were, apparently oblivious to the falcon.

    One or both members of a pair of Great Northern flickers comes to the yard almost every morning. There are also some Stellar's Jays in the neighborhood. We're delighted with the variety of birds that come out to the yard. But as I say, I'd rather the raptors kept away.