Friday, November 20, 2009

Chapter Eight? That's Done.

Yay, me. The chapter I began at lunch today was continued during a commute this evening and finished about half an hour ago after dinner and a late-night trip to the grocery store. Color me productive and pleased enough with what I've written. Some of the action might need a bit of work, but I think most of the chapter is good. Better than I thought it would be. Captain Penner turns out to be a fine character. I have named two of the grenadiers Claypoole and Diggins. Things might not turn out so well for those two; we'll see.

Wordcountometer=18,088. That's not bad. I'm up to about 23% of my 80K first draft goal. In a few chapters I'll stop worrying about wordcount entirely, though it's one of the few quantitative measures of progress we writers have, isn't it?

Anyway, on to Chapter Nine, "Hope Bound." Threats, promises and decisions will be made. A failure to communicate will result in the action of Chapter Ten, to be titled "Hope Unbound." The first act is nearly concluded. I'm all aquiver, I am.


  1. Congratulations Mr. Bailey. You are just scrabbling through this manuscript with your hair afire! Even with a fever. I am impressed.

  2. No progress at all this weekend! But we did buy new fixtures for the bathroom, visit a bookstore and pick up an armload of DVDs. So I guess there was actualy some progress, just not on the book. Though I wrote about 250 words just now during lunch. Almost all of those words will have to be rewritten, but as the saying goes, you can revise crap writing but you can't revise a blank page.

  3. Congrats on the word count. And you're right. Word count is one of the MOST important things I do. :)

    Seriously, I count until that last draft is finished. It's just a thing I love to do. Writing comes first, then word counts.

    Feels good though, doesn't it? To know the first act is almost completed. :)Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Congrats, Scott. I like the name Diggins a lot too. And, it goes well with Claypoole. It's interesting that, even though I also eventually forget about word count, it is somehow a useful measure. Like the price of gold.

  5. Robyn and Davin: I think wordcount is one of the few objective measures we have while working on drafts, and so we cling to it. I admit that even during revisions, I am obsessed by wordcount as it goes up and down. Though frankly, I can't tell you the wordcount of the ms my agent has. Huh.

  6. Claypoole and Diggins I stole from Piedmont Writer. Okay, I was given the names to use as I will, and I have done, and will continue to do so until Chapter Ten, when things most untoward happen.