Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chapter Five Finished

Wordcountometer: 13,291! People killed in Chapter Five=none. Which is nice. A relief, really. The first couple of pages of Chapter Five contain, I think, some of the finest writing I have ever done and I'm very pleased with them.

Chapter Six ("A Sudden Storm") will include an argument in a church, the promised sudden storm and the appearance of a woman whose name is Hope.


  1. I always loved that name Hope. As a matter of fact I was going to name my daughter Hope until I found Bridget.

    Congratulations on Chapter 5. Will there be drinking in Chapter 6?

  2. Chapter Six won't have any drinking, no. But Chapter Seven? Oh, yeah.

  3. Man you are kind of kicking ass ass in terms of production. How many chapters are there en toto? And I trust that we have not seen the end of people being killed?

  4. Ben: I've got 24 chapters in my outline, and so far my outline's treating me pretty well. So I'm still only like 16% through the thing. I expect to finish this draft by springtime, and then the Fun of Multiple Revisions begins!

    The end of people being killed? Heavens, no! I count at least four more corpses before the end of the book. No, wait: five. Plus a whole load of people who die in a natural disaster. Woohoo!

    But did I mention it's funny?

  5. Ben: Did I also mention that I've got my copy of "Badass" and that it's amazingly amazing? I love the illustrations and the maps. The text ain't bad either.

  6. Haha awesome! I'll sign it for you as long as you promise to return the favor once your book comes out.

    And I am definitely interested in any and all sorts of funny natural disasters. A Plague of Cats? Godzilla-sized Giant Hamsters? The Boston Molasses Disaster?