Monday, November 16, 2009

Chapter Six is History

So there's another one written. It was a short chapter, but I'm happy with it. Wordcountometer=14,530. At this point, before diving into Chapter Seven ("Hope"), I will pause to write out one or two paragraphs outlining each of the next four chapters, whose plot developments will bring Act One to a conclusion. My goal is to reach 20K words by the end of the first act. Act Two will be about 40,000 words in length, or so I intend, which means that each of the nine chapters in that act will have to be at least 4,000 words long. All of this math might seem a bit artificial and anti-art, but I like the idea that I know what the general shape of the story is going to be, and I like that I'm following my own current ideas about beginnings, middles and endings and I have some sort of benchmarks to gauge my progress and keep me more-or-less within the guidelines I have set for myself. All of this can change during revisions, of course, and likely many things will. But for now, it's nice to move boldly and with confidence. Anyway, I hope to get my next chunk of outline written tomorrow, and it would be cool to have chapters seven and maybe eight written by the end of the week. I'm excited about chapter eight, because I get to make up and introduce a new character who I have as yet not even named. If I haven't said it before, I do write primarily to amuse myself, and I'm having a very good time with this draft.


  1. Your progress is fun to watch. Kudos.

  2. When you said you were going to have a hanging I thought I might not like to read this, but then you said there would be a lot of drinking I knew I had to. And now there's HOPE and I just pray Mr. Bailey that when you are finished you get an offer right away because I am absolutely dying to read this book.

    PS Should I write down a new name for you to use, somewhere on a piece of paper on my desk, or should I just send one to you telepathically. BTW Ellis Haverlane is already in use. LOL

  3. Rick: I hope it keeps inspiring me, at least. Say, how are you going with your 20K extra words for RTT?

    Lois: My progress is fun to make, at least for now. I hope the middle doesn't get me bogged down. It looks, frankly, like it might be hard to write. We'll see.

    Piedmont: I think the name thing will only work if you actually intend to use the name in your own book. I'll stay away from Ellis Haverlane. What's interesting about that is that I have a character named Edwin Hammond, and that's pretty close. Hmmm. I've also asked Davin Malasarn if he minds that I name a character after him ("Davin" at least).

    I hope someone is dying to publish this book when I'm done with it. I suppose it depends on how well the first book does, if my agent can sell it.

  4. Scott, just popped over from the reader to say thanks for posting your updates. I'm around the same place on my WIP--just over 14,000 words, but I haven't had enough time to write lately. Still, I feel sort of like you're the measure--if I can stay close to your pace, I'm not a total slacker. So your posts are providing some inspiration.

    Plus, I love your pithy descriptions of what you wrote, always leaving us wanting to know more.