Friday, November 27, 2009

Chapter Ten? I call that "written"

So last night, from about 9:30-midnight, I sat and wrote Chapter Ten, the climax of Act One of my current novel. I'm all aquiver over it; I think it's pretty good.

wordcount? 21,993!

Chapter Eleven ("South") is a sort of transitional chapter that sets up Act Two but also gives the reader a bit of breathing room after Chapter Ten, which was very tense. Oh, body count ended up being only four corpses. I have saved one for later, because I'm thrifty like that. It's good to leave survivors, too. They make trouble down the line.

Anyway, I think Chapter Eleven will go quickly enough and is likely to be fairly short. The nine chapters which make up Act Two are all to be fairly long and before I really dive into the prose I want to sit and reflect for a bit and make some more detailed notes. This book is the finest thing I've ever written, and I'm pleased pleased pleased with it so far.


  1. Straying from your comfort zone can jolt the muse, it would seem.

  2. *Only* four bodies? I'm very disappointed in this news.

  3. Rick: I wrote the first draft of my last book in about six months, I think. Mostly what's keeping the pace up with this book is the solid outline I have. I think. I really don't know.

    Erin: Lots more bodies to come, though! Honest!

  4. so glad you're being economical with the death toll. LOL. You can always kill them later. You're moving right along. Congrats.

  5. As my granny used to say, "Don't kill 'em all in one place!"

    Your "Casablanca" post makes me think I should have a sort of Peter Lorre character. I love Peter Lorre.