Thursday, December 3, 2009

The moon over Seattle was quite gobsmacking tonight. Mighty Reader took this hasty photo a couple hours ago. I think it looks very Edward Gorey, myself.


  1. I saw this same moon come up over the edge of the mountains and I know there will be snow very soon. Even without the weather report.

  2. And I love the word gobsmacking, too. Could you please compile a list of cool words like gobsmacking and oonch?

  3. Beautiful. I love the word gobsmacking, too. I'd be glad to share what my book is about with you, if you're really interested.

  4. Piedmont: It might snow here tonight, too! Which is too bad, as tomorrow is Saturday and I want snow days off from work. We have some big hills in our neighborhood and we want to go sledding.

    Davin: The tree makes it look like we live out in the country, but if you could pan down from the photo, you'd see the Seattle skyline all lit up, the Bay filled with ships and all the Christmas lights in our nieghborhood. Also: I got my copy of Opium 9 today. It's cool that Ted printed your "200 Fingers Tapping" proposal as an intro to the story. The story's good too in its final form! I get a pub credit without having done much work at all. How cool is that?

    Michelle: I stole "gobsmacking" from Mighty Reader. She might have stolen it from Irvine Welch. I stole "oonch" from John Gardner, I think. All words are cool.

    Lois: Yes, of course I want to know what your book is about. If you don't want to talk about it publically, you can email me. Let me know and I can give you my address.