Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chapter Twenty Finished

That chapter was quite a bit shorter than I thought it would be, only about 1400 words. But that's as long as it needed to be so that's the length it is. I now figure that my fist draft of "Cocke & Bull" will be a bit on the short side, maybe 75,000 words, but that's longer than the first draft of my previous novel was and it of course became Xeno's manuscript and the next revision of it might come in at 100K. Who knows? But I digress. Chapter 20 is done, and it's on to Chapter 21, currently titled "Noddy the Mare." Yes, that's a horse. But first, bed.

Wordcountometer = 61,817!

Edit to add: So as I said to Lois in the comments just now, this chapter tells me that it's unfinished. Or, if not unfinished, inadequate. The Event that must take place does take place, but the Meaning that the Event should have isn't there. Which means two things: 1) I did not adequately prepare the Event to have the Meaning, so I'll have to go back into previous bits of the story and properly foreshadow the emotions and set up the meaning, and 2) after I do that I'll have to revisit the scene and likely add about a thousand words. Which is fine, and I'm saving it all for revisions. Onward! Noddy the Mare awaits!


  1. Good on you. Last I remember you were stressing over 19. Whiplash. 20's done. Congrats.

  2. Lois: Thanks! This morning I realized that there is something missing from this chapter, that it's just a sketch right now and I'll have to go back and do more work on it, and likely the fact that something is missing means the buildup to that something is also missing from previous chapters. So, huh. More work. But all that gets saved for revisions!

  3. I really am in awe of how quickly you've written this! I know there's always revisions ahead, but still, great job!