Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Stars Are Fire, Chapter 1 finished

So it's very late, but I have finished Chapter One of the new novel, or the rewritten second novel. Personally, since almost every sentence of it will be brand new, I'm thinking of it as my fourth novel. But that's just me. Anyway, I've finished the first chapter and I think it does what I want it to do. We'll see how I feel about it in a couple of months.

wordcountometer = 3,261!

Next up, Chapter Two! Because it worked so well in my last first draft, I'm giving titles to the chapters in this book. Chapter One is called "Jutland," and Chapter Two will be called "Elsinore." People will ask Horatio when he's going to go visit his father. "Later," he'll answer.


  1. Sir, you have inspired me to get my rear in gear. At this very moment I am skipping church (it's Unitarian Universalist, so it's not a sin, but still...) to write a chapter. Your pace is enviable.

  2. Well, first Mr. Bailey, I would just like to say thank you for posting a picture of your outline the other day. I took that form and ran with it, and now have a nice, new, shiny, 5-act story all planned out from beginning to end, with settings, flashbacks (only 3), quite a few character sketches nailed down, and 12K in the bucket. I never knew writing a story could be so 'business-y'. So thanks.

    Secondly, congratulations on your "new" old book. It'a heady feeling when you finally have broken through the barrier to achieving 'greatness'.

    That's how I feel right now with my shiny new/old WIP. It's going to be GREAT!

  3. Ha! In my first draft of my current manuscript, I gave titles to chapters as well. I can't say exactly why but it felt right and it helped me kept the chapters focused on one of the main plot points.

  4. Genie: I don't know if my pace is to be envied. I'm being told that the first draft of my last book feels extremely rushed and a bit rough. Yes, it's just a first draft, but still. Anyway, it's true that the only way to get some writing done is to sit down and write something!

    Anne: Don't be surprised if the 5-act structure doesn't make a great fit for your new story, but I'm pleased if you're pleased! 12K is good! I think that there is always an element of "getting my tools lined up on the workbench and making a plan" in all art, even if we don't realize it. That craft-level work simply must be done, so why not do a bunch of it at the start and get it out of the way? Go, GREATness!

    Crimey: Yeah, it's all about focus. That's exactly what my chapter titles are about. They started life as a sort of bullet-point list of plot points and I ended up using them for chapter headings. It feels right for my new book, too. Though I might find more creative titles at some later stage.

  5. I'm thinking of this as your fourth novel too.