Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chapter Five Finished

I have finished Chapter Five (during lunch at my new favorite Chinese restaurant), and I think I'm going to call it "A More Dangerous Enemy." Wordcount = 15,569! I've also made good notes for Chapter Six, which I hope to work on this evening. Yay, me! No corpses in Chapter Five, nor will there be in Chapter Six. But chapters Seven and Eight? Gosh, look out.

Also, this:

It is springtime in Seattle. Which means that right now, it's raining. Of course.


  1. I read your updates on writing the novel, and then say to myself.."The only thing stopping me is me!"

    I'm getting short stories published, but am skirting work on a novel for almost 6 months now..sigh.

    All the best to you.

    I guess rain is better than perpetual snow though...where I live, it rains almost every day of the year

  2. Very lovely pic. :)

    Yay for reaching 15k! That's always a milestone for me. Now I want Chinese...

  3. Damyanti: I have short story ideas that I put off all the time and the growing pile of unwritten short stories begins to make me feel lazy and guilty. There's just never enough time for anything.

    I like the rain. It's clean and pure and beautiful.

    Michelle: Those are some of the 100 tulip bulbs we planted last fall. They're all starting to bloom out now, so we're planting annuals and vegetables in between them.

    15K doesn't seem like much at all. This book feels like it's going so slowly; right now I can't imagine finishing it. Partly that's because I'm really making myself pace the introduction of characters slowly. I just want all the pieces on the board so I can get on with the Tragic Deaths. But I have to be patient.

  4. Scott, that's lovely that you planted that many tulips. I only have a few outside my door. If you haven't, you can see my pictures of them on my family blog here

    15k is a lot to me for Cinders because it's about halfway through, but that's not the case for you, I understand. Do you feel rushed in any way? I don't think you're moving slow. You're just moving carefully.

  5. Oh, and it's raining here today, too...

  6. Michelle, the photos on your blog are lovely. You must have a pretty good macro lens. Any photos I post here of our yard were taken by Mighty Reader (I cannot figure out her fancy DSLR equipment).

    I have no idea how long my novella will be. Too early to say. I got no writing done at lunch today, as I'm still reading something called "Monarch." I'm at about page 100. I am not the fast reader that I used to be.

  7. Scott, yes I have a very expensive telephoto macro lens, and some others as well. I've spent way too much money on camera equipment, and I only want more. It just feeds itself.

    No rush on Monarch. I take forever, as well. As I recall, I had Horatio for months and months before I got back to you.

  8. Congrats on keeping up a steady writing pace. So, where is your new favorite Chinese restaurant?

  9. Alex: It's the New China Express at 4232 University Way, right by A Burger Place. They give me hot tea on the house, and the booths by the windows are large and well-lit, so I can sit and write. Also, it's dead cheap food.

    How's the editing going? Have you sent it all back to Canada? Is your pub date this fall now? Fine, I'll go check old posts on LJ.

  10. Thanks for the restaurant info. Will have to check it out.

    I've heard nada from the publisher on final edits. So far as I know, they are still aiming for a September release date. That's what it says on their web site, anyway. And yes, if I hear anything from them it will probably show up on my LJ.