Thursday, April 8, 2010

Chapter Four, in progress

I'm about 600 words into Chapter Four and it seems to be going well enough. I have introduced two characters (Sir Yorick and Frederik Rosenkrantz) and possibly a third (a priest who's not been given a name yet; we'll see if I actually need him as anything but a prop). Yorick and Rosenkrantz (or possibly "Rosencrantz" if I change my mind about Danish spellings) will both feature prominently in later chapters. At some point someone will say, "Alas, poor Yorick." That someone might even be Hamlet; we'll see how I feel about it when the time comes. I have begun to view Shakespeare's play as a big toybox filled with colorful objects from which I am inventing a new game as I go along. I don't mind that.

Anyway, the gang's all having a feast in the great hall at Kronberg castle. Some drinking has taken place. More to come. Also: eels! A Swiss general will address the party before everyone goes off to bed, and then Horatio will talk to Rosenkrantz/Rosencrantz about telescopes! You may think that's not exciting, but you'd be wrong. I am of course leaving out all of the important details in this summary, like talk of poison and revenge. But oh. Oh, yes.


  1. As long as you don't cut the eels...

    Honestly, though, your dedication to the craft is inspirational.

  2. "Shakespeare's play as a big toybox filled with colorful objects from which I am inventing a new game as I go along" ...I love it!

    Also, you are hauling ass on this book. The chapters are just whizzing by. I'm lucky if I can get one done per week... Now off I go to a writing group meeting to try and finish Chapter 5!

  3. I love poison and revenge almost as much as drinking and murder.

    Thought I'd let you know I finished the first act, posted the final scene today with one minor revision to be added tomorrow for the *fans*. Coming in at a little over 20k. I am relieved it has worked out to my satisfaction. I also think I have enough momentum to bring all five acts to fruition. Depends on what the characters do, and so far they are not playing into my little hands.

    Mayhap I'll use the "Alas poor Yorick" line in my book. It's such a great line.

  4. Genie: That's funny, because I feel like I'm moving slowly, in tiny tiny increments!

    Hey, Mighty Reader tells me that the "unpleasantly" in the excerpt you posted to the Lit Lab is just fine. She's smarter with grammar than Davin, Michelle or me, so take her word for it.

  5. What the hell is up with blogger today, hiding comments and then displaying them out of order? Huh.

    Rick: You have to cut the eels in order to cook and eat them. And I'm not that dedicated to eel fishing. Or did you mean something else?

    Anne: I'll go have a look at your blog. And I think I'll talk Davin and Michelle into running an "Alas, poor Yorick" flash fiction contest on the Literary Lab. Yes, I will, too.

  6. Scott, Blogger has been doing that to me for days now. It's pissing me off. URGH.

    So where's the email to me and Davin about this flash fiction contest, huh? It sounds super fun if Davin agrees!

    You really are moving fast on this revision, and I am very impressed with how much you're making different. It's inspiring! I love that you're viewing the play as a toy box. So now the truth comes out as to why you're REALLY writing. Just a kid at heart, eh?

  7. Michelle: It's all about make-believe, innit? Else why bother?

    Am I moving fast with this version? Like I said to Genie, it feels like a slow crawl to me, really it does.

    You'll notice, by the way, that I don't use word verification on my blog. Yes, I read your post today. I totally agree. WV sucks.

  8. Yes, it is all about make-believe. It's such a selfish hobby for me, but I can't keep away from it, and the more I do it the less of a hobby it becomes, and more like a real job - that I don't get paid for...

    I don't think you're moving too fast. Work at the speed you're comfortable. I'm just really slow, so your pace feels so quick for me. I'm moving fairly fast through Cinders, though, and that has been fun.

    You do use the word verification on your blog, good sir. I see it right below my comment, right there. It says "prenif"


  9. Michelle: I had no idea. Of course, when I post, my own blog knows who I am. Anyway, I turned the word verification off. I hope. Let me know if it's still prenifing at you.

    Oh, God, yes it's selfish, to daydream and write the dreams down and them obsess over them to get the dreams right, and even better than we dreamed them. But such lovely selfishness.

  10. Ahhhh, no more word verification. How lovely! I love that you used the word prenifing. I'm still smiling over that, and I don't even know why.

  11. Poison and revenge. So very Hamletty.