Monday, April 5, 2010

This Weekend's Fun With Hardware and Tools

This weekend Mighty Reader and I built a new grape arbor in our back yard out of copper pipe, braided steel wire and steel fittings. Mighty Reader and I like that the new arbor gives the yard an airy, open feel (the old arbor was made of 4" x 4"s and 2" x 4"s and was more like a split-rail fence than an arbor, ta awfully). Mostly, though, I like all the metal hardware in the yard. It appeals to my inner architect and builder.

braided cable! copper pipe!

eyebolts! cable clamps!

cocktails! These are "Blue Arnauds," which contain 1 1/2 shots of gin, 1/2 shot of blue curacoa, and 1/2 shot of vermouth. Garnished with raspberry. Very pretty and tasty!

mixing concrete!

The arbor is essentially invisible, but that's fine. The grapevine is kind of scary without leaves, though. A bit haunted house if you ask me. Still, it will be cool once the grape has leafed out.


  1. My inner handyman is impressed.

  2. I love the leafless grapevine. I love bare branches. They're cool when the leaf out, too, but there is something mesmerizing about a gnarled piece of wood showing off its contours.

  3. Scott, your house and yard and drinks are lovely! And so very, very green. Sigh. It's so brown here, and there's snow on the ground. Two inches of it. It snowed last night. I need to get out of here!

    Nice boots. :)

  4. Anne: None of these photos do it justice.

    Rick: It was easier than molding!

    Lois: I like bare trees, but the grapevine just creeps me out; it looks like some thing reaching out to grab at me.

    Michelle: The price we pay for all the green is perpetual rain and overcast. I'd love to have two inches of snowfall. The boots are actually a pair of beat up Fluevog Gibson Swirl(tm) shoes that have been relegated to outdoor use.