Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter Eight, in Progress

Last night I wrote about 1200 more words, and finally there's another corpse. About time, I say. I am pleased with the scene and I feel the momentum of the narrative picking up for me again, which is nice. I think I'm getting past my mid-20K's slump.

wordcountometer = 26,650!

It is taking me longer to get to the end of this act than I thought it would, but since this is just a first draft, I'm not going to worry about pacing. Things seem to be moving, and I don't think there are any wasted scenes so perhaps I should just shut up and keep writing. Besides, there will be another corpse after the next sequence, and then a big surprise for the protagonist, so good stuff coming.


  1. Yay for dead people! Whee! Hah, whatever pushes us forward, right? You're doing great, and I'm glad to hear you might be moving faster now that you past the mid-twenties slump. I'm really liking the whole novella thing. Imagine, when you write your novella, you might be close to finished by the mid-twenties. *grin*

  2. I'm really liking the corpses. I'm expecting you to have quite a few based on your novel's storyline.

    I have a few (four to be exact) in my current WIP. I'd quote a song here but I'm going to spare you.

  3. Michelle: I wrote a bit more (300 words or so) at lunch just now. I think producing a corpse always gives me a little push forward. How sick is that? I just hope I can keep the novella down to novella length.

    Crimey: Yeah, the deaths will begin to snowball. I think scores will die in the climax; not entirely sure just yet. I'll see when I get there, but this story is a slaughterhouse. My last novel has around 11 stiffs. Maybe more. What can I say? I write tragedies.

    What song?