Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapter Eight Underway

Yesterday, finally, I finished Chapter Seven. A corpse appeared at the last minute, and thank heavens for that, I say. Though he died off-screen, it sets the stage for some upcoming on-screen deaths. Alas, a couple of folks.

wordcountometer = 24,084!

I think that after this chapter, or perhaps after Chapter 9, I'll get to the Middle Section of the book, about which I have high hopes and grand plans and insufficient notes. Admittedly, right now I am sort of in that "I wonder just how much this book sucks" phase, but I know from experience that if I just push on, I'll get past the doldrums and find myself excited again. It always goes this way, or at least has done for my previous three novels. Once I hit about 30K, I should get a huge burst of energy. We'll see.

No excerpt, sorry to say. I haven't typed up my latest chapter into the Word(tm) document yet, so it's all handwritten but I think what I've got is pretty solid.

My task now is to decide the best of all possible orders for the next four (4) big plot points. The chronology doesn't really matter; I'm looking for dramatic effect more than a timeline. We'll see.

Also! The title I found for Chapter Seven is "If Atlas Volunteers." Which I think is pretty fine.


  1. My question to you is, what if he doesn't?

  2. Atlas still gets stuck holding up the world. Ask Hercules.

  3. Aww, I'm very sad there is no excerpt today. I look forward to those!

    That's great that you know your writing habits enough to know that you'll be getting a second wind soon. That's important to keep going, even if you're doubting every word you write.

    I just produced another corpse in Cinders - that would be my second so far. There are many more to come. Mwhahaha.

    It kind of seems sick that I just said that. I'm normal, really.

  4. "I'm normal, really."

    So am I. No, really.

    There's always a big slowdown in my writing progress as I reach the end of the first act. I have no idea why that is, but it's there, and then I get a burst of energy when the second act starts. Writing the middle doesn't seem to be one of my problems. If I get this mess typed up tonight, I'll see about posting some actual text.

  5. glad progress is being made. good luck with the typing up.

  6. Lois: I am really, really getting behind typing up the ms. I need to chain myself to my desk for an hour or so this evening. But until then, here's the very last bit of Chapter Seven. Frederik Rosenkrantz and Horatio are making plans for their holidy vacation.

    "Have great care, Horatio. Lock your door."

    "I will, by the Cross. You shall soon hear news of the king. Has cousin Erik met his fate?"

    "Killed by highwaymen only yesterday."

    "A tragedy."

    "Aye, for him."

    "Well, Frederik. I will write another tragedy here in Elsinore. But first I must sleep."