Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chapter Seven, Progressing Nicely

I'm about 1100 words into Chapter Seven. Provisional title is "A Third Set of Circumstance" but I am hoping for something better to come along.

wordcountometer = 22,349

Horatio has fallen asleep during his shift and had a bad dream, and is awakened from this dream by a messenger pounding on his door.


  1. Oh, dreams are fun, especially bad ones. Great time to torture the characters.

    Great job on your word count. I'm rooting you along hoping this draft goes quickly so you can start your novella. It's all selfish reasons, really. :P

  2. The dream is also foreshadowing, I realized. And it's actually a dream I had in real life a few days ago; I decided to give it to Horatio.

    It all goes along with my rules for writing stories post. Every scene has to increase the protagonist's level of discomfort in some way, even if it's just to give him a piece of information that adds suspense. In truth, the idea is to make the reader uncomfortable, so they are driven to keep reading to get to the resolution of all the discomfort.

    My wordcount seems low to me, like I've been writing this version forever. At this rate, I'll be done in October. I try not to think about that. I really wanted to finish this draft by early July, but that's just not going to happen. Still, I have that small bright flame of hope, you know. It's good stuff.

  3. Seems like you're moving along at a steady pace. Carry on.