Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Six Questions for Me

Jim Harrington at his "Six Questions For" blog (http://sixquestionsfor.blogspot.com) has posted an interview with me about my experience as one of the judges for the Literary Lab's "Genre Wars" writing contest last year. I come off sounding like a cranky old man. Which is what I am, mostly.

Jim has asked Six Questions of a lot of editors and publishers of literary journals (both print journals and online journals), and the answers he's gotten are generally helpful and informative, so go read through his archive. Go, read.


  1. I enjoyed your interview. You didn't sound too terribly grumpy.

  2. I meant to ask what a principle was. I like being one, though.

  3. You may not believe this, but those were some questions I had also and wanted to know the answers to.

    I should have thought of an interview. Sadly, I'm just not an article writer.

    Both your's and Michelle's answers were so differently structured, yet conveyed the same motivations.

    Thanks to both of you, and Jim also, for the interview. It was a great insight.