Saturday, May 1, 2010

Still in Chapter Six

wordcount = 19,350! Almost to that important milestone of 20K. Chapter Six is provisionally called "Hamlet and Hamlet." It makes sense in context, trust me. I think I've got about 2,000 more words in this chapter, and then pretty much all of the major players will have been introduced and we can get on with the killing. That will come as a great relief to me. Anyway, I've been ever so productive today, writing wise, and while I could push on and finish the chapter, I'm starting to fade and I know that I'll just rush if I write more this afternoon, so I'm calling it and seeing about running to the store because we have precious little in the way of food. Okay, that's not true. We have leftover roast chicken with potatoes and carrots and onion from last night and we have asparagus but we've got no wine and no bread and that, you know, is something up with which I simply will not put.

Also, I might split Chapter Six into two chapters. It's getting pretty long now. We'll see. That's one of those decisions I will happily put off until revisions.


  1. Oh, wow, yummy leftovers!

    I'm at 19,200 on Cinders. I like that we're about the same spot word-wise lately. "Hamlet and Hamlet" for the chapter title, huh? That's interesting! I'm trying to think if there was a spot in your last version that could explain that title...hmmm...

  2. Well, it's not made much of by Shakespeare, but both the (murdered) king and his son the prince are named Hamlet. King Hamlet is getting just as much stage time, right now, as is Prince Hamlet. Maybe a bit more. Anyway, "Hamlet and Hamlet" comes in the middle of a speech by the king about how he and his son will ride forth together into battle and hey, what a fun time that'll be.

  3. I tried to spend the weekend writing, but it turned into a weekend of painting, which was quite nice. It's so rare these days that I produce a painting that doesn't look like mud on the canvas, so I consider this a win!

  4. I used to try to spend my weekends paiting, but I figured out finally that, although I love the feel of pushing a brush through paint, I am a lousy painter. Not that I did as much writing this weekend as I wanted to, though I did make progress and also came up with some good notes for next chapter. Say, when are you going to make with some photos of your artwork?

    Mighty Reader and I spent so much money this weekend. We bought an outdoor grill, a big pot for our back porch, 30 pounds of gourmet birdseed, three bags of potting soil and three bags of compost, four (five? six?) plants, six bottles of wine and I can't remember what else.

    I am trying to decide if at lunch today I'm going to finish Chapter Six or go get a haircut.