Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yes, I Said Yes

Happy Bloomsday! I first read bits of Ulysses back in my college days (likely Molly's inner dialogue chapter which ends the book, if nothing else), but only took in the whole of this magnificent book in summer of 2006, when two of my friends were also reading it. I wanted to quote my favorite passage this morning (either the very first pages, or Poldy's flight from the pub and the tin of biscuits being thrown, or the dinner at the hospital), but I am short of time so you get nothing except my recommendation that if you've not read Ulysses, you should.

Ah, happy is the man who googles and finds what might be copyright infringement. Not sure about that. Anyway, here is the Cyclops episode, from about the middle of the novel.


  1. It's on my list, and I'll probably get to it sooner rather than later. It will be interesting because I've heard so much about it (good and bad).

  2. It's a big, sloppy and amazing thing of beauty. People make out like it's a difficult read, but they're trying to make it hard on themselves, I think. It's just a book. This summer I'm finally going to read Finnegan's Wake.

  3. (lol) I don't think I was trying to make that passage hard on myself! Thanks for the offer - think I'll pass on this one.


  4. I've read it twice now but I'm afraid that I've yet to absorb most of it. I'll wait until I'm in the college class in which the professor is an addict of the epic. :-)