Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter Fourteen Finished!

It ends on a cliffhanger, too: "What have you done, my lord?" Well, you'll have to wait until Chapter Fifteen to find out.

wordcountometer = 50,127!

I'm calling this chapter "Every Man Hath Business and Desire."

There are four--maybe five--more big scenes and then the middle of the book is over, and I'll be writing the final act. I figure each big scene will get its own chapter, so that means the rest of the midsection of the novel will be about 14,000 words. If the last act is about 15,000 words long, I'll roll in at right about 80K, which is a fine length for a first draft though not quite as long as I was expecting it to be. Whatevs. I expect that, as usual, the book will grow longer during revisions. Somehow that always happens. Anyway, I am suddenly looking toward the end of the book and somehow that surprises me. Though the next four or five big scenes are going to be hard to write. There's a pair of executions, talk of an accidental death, a murder, an argument with accusations of treason, a dark night of the soul and oh! so much more. I can't wait.


  1. I believe Mr. Bailey, you and I are on the same course. I reached 50K last weekend and have only two more scenes to finish Act Two. Mine ends with a drunken brawl. Alas, no eels. However, lobsters are prevalent.

    Then on to Act Three. And as you so correctly pointed out to me in May, I have since changed my ms. back to a 3 act structure, rather than a 5. You were right, 5 was too much. (Although I still really like the 5. I wish there was some way I could do it.)

  2. The nice thing about cliffhangers in books is that you can just turn the page. I need to turn the page, Bailey. Let me turn the page.

  3. Tara: Eeee! It's funny, because last night I began having all these epiphanies about the story and this morning I have a very clear grasp of the characters and the overall dramatic arc that I never had when I began writing it. I think I was flying blind, rather, on my way through the middle of the book. So now of course I see all the work I'll need to do in revisions, but I know what the revisions will be about. Anyway, I'm glad to have hit this point with the book.

    Anne: Yes, go us! I am starting Act 4 of the 5-act structure. It's still the middle, as far as I'm concerned. My next book is going to be a 3-act because it just makes more sense to me. Lobsters! I think there will be one more instance of eels in my book, at the king's birthday feast.

    Davin: Never end a chapter after the climax of a scene. End just before the climax, and put the climax at the beginning of the next chapter. That's the whole secret to cliffhangers. It's not rocket surgery, you know.

    You'll have to turn your own pages for now, Malasarn.

  4. I see my problem now. I've been ending the scenes after they break out the cigs. Wait, that was my other book. Never mind.

  5. Use the word "climax," and everyone's mind goes straight to the gutter...

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  7. "But, like, all the time."

    As if Hume was any different. "...the Fair Sex have a great Share of the tender and amorous Disposition..." So where's my share? Hume demanded.

  8. A dark knight of the soul? Awesome!

    And congrats on reaching the 50k mark!!! I KNOW how huge that is. Good luck with finishing. I have a feeling it's going to go quickly. :)