Friday, July 16, 2010

Next Week: Nothing From Me!

Next week Mighty Reader and I will be off on vacation at the central Oregon coast! I will be incommunicado the whole time. The prospect is beyond exciting. Also there will be seals and whales and pelicans and drinking on the beach. I am going to bring my paper and pen and a printout of the MS thus far just in case I sober up long enough while I'm there to scratch out a few words, but mostly I think I'll just frolic and keep an eye out for bears. But you never know.

I tell myself that even if I slack off all next week at the beach, I'll be finished with this draft by the end of August, but a more realistic projection would be sometime in October. Which is okay.

Also: I am pretty sure I'm going to call the book "Killing Hamlet." It works on several levels, at least to my mind. We'll see what my agent says about that.

Anyway, this post is mostly filler but I wanted to put here my progress thus far in the form of a table:

Chapter Words Date Cumulative
3/9/2010 0
1 3,261 3/14/2010 3,261
2 3,858 3/25/2010 7,119
3 3,044 4/6/2010 10,163
4 2,987 4/14/2010 13,150
5 2,419 4/20/2010 15,569
6 5,431 5/6/2010 21,000
7 3,084 5/19/2010 24,084
8 4,606 5/28/2010 28,690
9 4,001 6/6/2010 32,691
10 2,993 6/18/2010 35,684
11 3,621 6/26/2010 39,305
12 3,235 7/5/2010 42,540
13 3,888 7/13/2010 46,428


  1. I think including Hamlet in the title would get an extra look from like-minded readers browsing through the stacks (or surfing through the lists, take your pick).

  2. Seals and whales and pelicans, oh my!

    Have a wonderful trip! See you when you get back.

  3. Rick: I think so, too. But mostly, the new title sort of cuts to the chase. Someone asked me what the book was about, and I said, "Killing Hamlet," and she said, "That's what you should call the book." And she's right.

    Anne: Thanks! I plan to post photos when I return.

  4. Nice table.

    GREAT title.

    I think it would be hard not to at least pick up a book with that title, just to see what it was about:

    "Hm, is this REALLY a book about killing Hamlet or is it just about a middle school play gone bad...humdedum..." -- scanning back blurb or inside flap of cover jacket or Amazon reviews -- "blah blah Horatio blah blah...OMG it really is a really is about THAT Hamlet... I MUST have this book."

  5. I'll miss you! Will you be posting on LL or can I steal your days?

    Good luck with writing! I look forward to pictures. :)

    I'll admit that "Killing Hamlet" is my favorite title for this book so far. It seems to fit, like you say. I liked the stars title, too, but that one seemed more ambiguous.

  6. Oh, and by the way, my parents are vacationing along the Oregon coast the same time as you. Wish I was going with them and then I'd make our paths converge. :)

  7. Tara: I go back and forth between thinking the title is brilliant and thinking it's gimmicky. Maybe it's both? I can't tell. Anyway, I'm glad folks seem to like it.

    I like the idea of a story about a middle school play going bad, though. Hmmm....

    Michelle: You'll have to arm wrestle Davin over who gets my days. As you see, I posted nothing today, not even filler at the LL. I was ever so busy at work (though obvs not too busy to post a table of my writing progress).

    Is the title good? I hope so. I hope I can stop vacillating about it now. I suck at titles.

    Some day, you and Davin and I will all meet. And then, oh, then...

  8. Yes, we will meet one day and we will eat a lot of food because thing we all like food a lot.

    You haven't posted on Fridays for the past three weeks, from what I remember. But it's also 1:00 in the morning and I may not be remembering correctly. I take no responsibility for anything at this hour.

    Titles are hard. I happen to love all of my titles, but I'm also easily pleased, so we'll just leave it at that. :)

  9. That meant to say "I think we all like food a lot."

    No responsibility...