Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vacation: A Photo Post!

Mighty Reader and I spent a week in glorious Yachats, Oregon, USA and I am ever so disappointed that our week is over. Yes, we're back home with our loving cat who missed us very much, but as the Poetess of the Plains said, "Well, now it's back to everything else." Ain't that the truth? Still, it was a swell time and I promised photos so here are a handful of them. My crappy digital is nowhere near so fine as is Mighty Reader's expensive digital SLR beast, so you'll only really see the full glory that is the Oregon coast if I can remember to fetch some of her image files (or if, of course, you go yourself).

One place we visited was the wetland near the beach:

It's a cool and creepy place that provided excellent inspiration last year for a couple chapters of a WIP that take place in a swamp.

Here Mighty Reader poses to give some scale to this photo of the wetland. Tall trees, deep shade, bear sign, spider webs and lots of birds:

There was also beach! This is the only decent photo I can find (that I took) of the beach. Oregon's beaches are equally rocky and sandy. Here's the borderland between a rocky beach and a sandy beach:

On the rocky part of the beach you could stand and watch the waves pound against the rocks. There are also blowholes, where deep caves that have eroded into the rock have opened up on the surface and the surf comes crashing out like a geyser.

There were also cocktails! Lots of cocktails! This is the First Cocktail of the Trip, just before it's shaken and poured:

There is also a video of the waves crashing into the rocks at high tide, but blogger refuses to cooperate and let me post it. Damn you, blogger.

I suprised myself and did some writing during this trip (mostly we walked on the beach, ate in restaurants, drank cocktails, played pingpong, played Careers, drank cocktails, watched "Jaws," celebrated Mighty Reader's birthday, drank cocktails, and read books). I am still in Chapter 14, but my wordcount is almost 50,000. The current adjusted estimate for completing this draft is October. Which seems a long time from now. I may need to take another vacation before then.


  1. Yay for almost reaching 50k!

    I love the Oregon coast. My mom grew up in Oregon, so we've been going there for vacations since I was a kid. I'd love to live there...really love to live there. We'll see what happens.

    Your pictures are great!

  2. Oh, lovely photos - may I say I'm horribly jealous? Glad you had fun.

    And I'm with Glam here: congrats on the near-50k and go, go, go! I'm so excited to hear what happens with this project.

  3. What lovely atmospheric photos -- I'm sure the real version was even more so. I often find being on vacation inspires writing, especially if there is a beach or swamp involved. As long as there aren't too many mosquitoes!

  4. Oregon coast looks a lot like Rhode Island coast. We have the same rocky shores. And trees and swampy places although no 'bear' signs.

    Cocktails looked lovely as well. Happy Birthday to Mighty Reader.

    Congrats on almost 50k, I hit the same over the weekend. Had a bit of a spurt myself.

    Glad you had a good time, but also am glad you're back.

  5. I'm glad you had a great time, Scott! Now I can write you an email I've been waiting all week to write you about your book. I know I could have written it while you were away -- such is the awesome power of email -- but for some reason it was more satisfying for me to wait.

  6. Michelle: I saw a lot of UT license plates along the coast. I kept wondering which car was driven by your parents. And, of course, I naturally assume you know everyone in Utah so I was tempted to talk to all of those travelers.

    Weronika: It was a blast, but we're told it's better in September. Plenty of time for you to get down there! I'm also excited about the writing project. We'll see how excited my agent is in a couple of months.

    Tara: No mosquitos on the coast at this time of year. Though the turkey vultures were thick as thieves. Which is kind of creepy. In my WIP, it's winter, so it was weird to be walking along a sunny beach thinking about a blizzard on an island in the Baltic Sea.

    I have to make time to read your latest excerpt.

    Anne: Some of the beaches in OR remind me of the beaches in VA or NC, too. A lot of central OR could be anywhere in the middle of the US. In the Van Duzer corridor, inland from the coast, there are valleys of wheat fields and vinyards and isolated lakes and I was reminded of that part of the country where Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota all meet. Except, you know, all the turkey vultures hovering in the sky. That was like a Stephen King story.

    Davin: I am back! Send me that email! I have been dying to hear what you think of C&B. We had wifi in the rental house, but I stayed off the computer as much as I could. That turned out to be pretty easy when the choice was internets versus whales and seals and pelicans. There were also a couple of fine used book stores to plunder. I bought six books last week.