Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 17, In Progress

I don't have a title for this chapter yet. I am thinking of calling it "There Were Two Hamlets." We'll see. Anyway, it's been much easier to write than Chapter 16 was, which is nice. I have a feeling that Chapter 18 will be very hard, as there will be a sort of philosophical war in it, and I have to make sure it remains interesting and forward-moving instead of bogging down into a Socratic dialogue or something similar. It's another one of those chapters containing a scene I imagined at the start of this project and now that I approach actually writing the scene, I become jumpy and worried. Anyway, today at lunch I killed a major character, and it's been some time since this narrative had a corpse, so that's good. I think it's a good death scene, and I think I've successfully given this character life so that his death will have meaning. Again, we'll see.

wordcountometer ~= 58,800!

My favorite line so far: "My lord, I am an old man."


  1. I love philosophical war scenes, but I agree they are very hard to pull off. This scene could make or break your novel! No pressure.

  2. Sounds tough.

    Right now I'm struggling to put down a climactic scene in a short story, one I have visualised for the last few months.

    I am ending up playing a lot of one particularly mind-numbing Facebook game before I can get down a few lines. Then, back to the game..

    Can't imagine what it will be like if/when I get to a novel.

  3. I like the title.

    Oh, and you killed someone. Again. What's a book by Mr. Bailey if there aren't corpses scattered therein.

    As I'm writing in days, not chapters, I've 5 days left to go. I've finished off two of the minor characters plot lines, two more to go, and then the big climax. Which, I've already written and is the last two pages of the book. The end is in sight.

    word count = 60,137 or so. (Not that I'm racing you or anything but Labor Day is looming.)

  4. "Anyway, today at lunch I killed a major character, and it's been some time since this narrative had a corpse, so that's good."

    ! Amazing. Your wordcountometer always inspires me. I mean, your blog posts do as well, but I think about how few words I've written towards my own piece and I realize I have to get shaking...

  5. Tara: Yeah, no pressure! I am trying not to think about that scene too much, except to try imagining dramatic actions that could happen while the war of philosophies goes on. As long as it's not a static scene, I think it'll be fine. My original conception was to have two characters circling around through an abandoned library in the dark, whispering at each other. Not exactly page-turner stuff. I have other ideas now.

    Damyanti: It's always done a word at a time, isn't it? I remember spending one night pacing through my house, drinking coffee, walking around the block, reading a book, doing laundry, all while assembling a single sentence. Whee!

    Anne: There's no point writing a novel if there won't be a pile of corpses! I think Shakespeare said that. When I finally get to Act V, the body count will go way up.

    I have, I think, about four more days of "story time" to write. I plan to skip over the middle two days. The last six or so chapters will all happen on the king's name day. So I should write up a timeline for that day, I think.

    We'll just see who finishes first, Ms. Gallagher.

    H.H. Well, then get shaking!