Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chapter 18 Finished! Chapter 19 Underway!

Just now! Just two minutes ago! And I think, even though it might have a few rough spots that will need some smoothing during revisions, it's pretty much what I wanted. It ends a bit sooner than I thought it would, which means that the bit I had planned to end this chapter has become the first page of Chapter 19, but that's fine. I think Chapter 18 ends at the right spot:

I ran.

Run, Horatio, run.

wordcountometer = 65,213 at end of Chapter 18! 66,480 total so far!

Act IV is done! On to Act V and all the killing! There will be eels! And a bear! And explosions! And the color blue! And a quote from King John! And the Big Finish! And so much else! It will be very cool indeed!


  1. Well Mr. Bailey it seems you are now ahead of me in our non-race to finish. I have hit a snag, a slump, a big fat block and I am none too happy.

    However, happy for you as you have all the most wonderful things in the world to end a book. Who doesn't love the color blue and eels with murder? I say, very well done indeed.

  2. Well done.

    Act V sounds like FUN to write! Eels and explosions, what else can you ask for?

    Have a wonderful writing week. :)