Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Killing Hamlet" Chapter Titles So Far

This is just one of those posts I throw up here so that I can find stuff later on. So feel free to ignore it, both of you.

Chapter Titles:
1 Jupiter Descending
2 Even The Heavens Change
3 In The Sublunary Sphere
4 The Hour Of Their Discovery
5 A More Dangerous Enemy
6 The Least Dog In Denmark
7 If Atlas Volunteers
8 A Trunk Full Of Adders
9 In The Echo Of His Thunder
10 A Fire In Tycho's Kitchen
11 The Mason's Son
12 A World Of Wonders
13 The Sinful Life At Copenhagen
14 Every Man Hath Business And Desire
15 The Gospel According To Horatio
16 The Gospel According To Hamlet
17 There Were Two Hamlets
18 The Earth Doth Move
19 Your Passage Is Arranged
20 Sing Him To Sleep
21 Francisco The Bear
22 A Viking Funeral
23 My Time Alone With Heaven


  1. Ignore examples of your brilliance? Never! Ha!

    I like the titles. They - possibly - give a glimpse into the story you're telling . . . unless they're just random words strung together to fool the unenlightened.


  2. I like these :-) Now I'm inspired to go name my chapters...

  3. These titles are all fragments of text/dialogue from the chapters. When I finish a chapter, I look back through it for my favorite line. They don't really outline the story. There's no dog, for example, in "The Least Dog In Denmark" chapter.

  4. I love love love 'Even the Heavens Change'. So lyrical.

    Jupiter Descending
    The Least Dog in Denmark
    Atlas Volunteers

    Now those are chapter titles! Great work Mr. Bailey.

  5. I was going to mention in last post, as it happens, that I liked your chapter titles.

  6. I have made a rule that my titles must come from within the chapters. The danger is that I will come up with a title and then try to force that line into the chapter, which is guaranteed to result in suxor writing. I wanted badly to call Chapter 15 "The Gospel According to Horatio" so I could call Chapter 16 "The Gospel According to Hamlet." But that violates my rules and I won't do it. It's a sort of mess, the inside of my brain. Just saying.

  7. I suck at ignoring things. Although my wife would probably dispute that allegation. Luckily she doesn't follow your blog, so I think I'm safe.

  8. It doesn't look like this got ignored...and there's obviously more than two of us.

  9. "Trunk Full Fo Adders" - That title physically dragged me from my feedreader to this here comment section to express my jealousy.

    I like. I like.

  10. "Every Man Hath Business And Desire" is the only chapter title I've actually taken from Shakespeare. About which: huh. "A Trunk Full of Adders" pleased me, too. Though the word "adder" always makes me think of bad fantasy novels or "Blackadder." But "A Trunk Full of Vipers" just doesn't have the same ring to it. It's all about vowel sounds, you know.

  11. I pick 6, 7, 8, and 13. They should be the next American Idol.

  12. Hi, Scott. There's an art to a great chapter title, and there's some fantastic ones here. I'd like to tuck "Even the Heavens Change" under my arm and run away with it.

  13. Franklin: Go ahead! We can all use it!