Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A New Hummingbird Feeder

Once this was a bottle of grappa. I hope the hummingbirds actually feed from it, else I shall be mightily disappointed. The copper wire wrap didn't quite turn out the way I wanted, but it's not bad so I'm calling it a success. Mostly, I have lived up to my bragging to Mighty Reader that, if she came up with a pretty glass bottle, I could make her a hummingbird feeder from it and we wouldn't have to pay an outrageous sum for one she didn't really like. So well done, me.


  1. Awesome!

    While I was at my parent's house for two weeks dog-sitting, I had to refill their hummingbird feeders. These things are way way way up high and I almost killed myself refilling them. Those hummingbirds owe me.

    Yours is gorgeous and looks easier than the ones I refilled.

  2. Love my feeder . . . which I paid too much for. We have three hummers that battle it out on a daily basis for feeding rights. One of the hummers has taken up guard on the hook the feeder hangs from. Only problem, he wasn't paying attention the other day and one of the other hummers zipped in and was feeding away.

  3. Scott: They're such sweet looking little birds, but they're really aggressive, aren't they? In the spring, we have males engaging in aerial battles over the back yard.

    If the feeder isn't full, they'll hover in the yard and snick at us. I admit that Mighty Reader is usually the person who fills the feeders (we have feeders for the hummingbirds and three seed feeders for larger birds; we used to have suet for the bushtits and the flickers, but it drew starlings and squirrels).

    Anyway, it was really cheap and easy to build this. The grappa bottle was the big expense, and we bought it for the booze, you know. The copper pipe and bit of red paint cost about $10 and I really only put about half an hour of actual labor into it.

    Michelle: Thanks! It was dead easy to make (though it did take me about a month to do because I dithered long over the copper wire basket/hanger design). We have this hung about 4' up. I can't speak to how easy it is to fill, as we've only filled it once, and that was in our kitchen and we used a funnel. I doubt this will be easy to fill outside. Still, pretty.

  4. It's a beautiful feeder. You know, if you tint the water red, you get more birds. Instead of plain sugar water I use cherry Kool-aid. They can't get enough.