Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chapter 22: Brief Excerpt

Hopefully no real spoilers here:

Hamlet took me by the collar with his bloody hand. He shook me hard and looked wildly around.

“Oh, I know you and your sciences. You would say that my thinking these thoughts is proof that God allows it.”

“My lord, we should leave the castle.”

“Your sciences could lead to a world where earthly kings, and even God Himself, is of less import than a bear.”

“My lord, I am as fond of bears as any. The castle is burning. Prithee, let us away.”

“God’s wounds, Horatio! I see the castle burning! It is not the end of civilization. But a world where everything is equal in being nothing but a measurable phenomenon, or a bear? I do not want that. You do not want that. No man wants that.”

“My lord, if we leave the castle immediately, I swear that I shall forever place man and God above bears.”

“Your word upon it.”

“My word upon it.”

Hamlet retrieved the severed head and


  1. Again you have left me wanting. Who's dead and why is the castle burning?

    And you better finish this to send it to the agent who'll send it to the publisher so it will be published because I know for certain you read my comment the other day and now I need to know what happens to the bear. Damn it!

    Also, I just love the word prithee. I miss old English.

  2. Anne: Lots of people are dead, and the castle is burning because, well, because it's on fire. I'll see what I can do about getting published, believe me.

    I dither on "prithee," and a few other Elizabethan gems. This version's language is more modern than previous versions'.

    Lois: Severed head!