Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter 22 Finished!

wordcountometer = 76,838!

That was a rough one, but exhilarating. My Literary Lab post on Friday will talk about the work I did on this chapter, going back into it after I'd thought it was finished and adding in two long segments. Still, it's done now and I think it's pretty good. Body count is now through the roof. Really, I have no idea how many corpses are lying about. Scores of them. Sad, really. But don't worry, because none of them were real people. It's just fiction, you know.

Anyway, my favorite bit is when Hamlet turns to Horatio and asks why there's a bear in the courtyard. The inclusion of a bear (all because Mighty Reader made a joke about it) was a fabu idea, I must say.

I am pretty sure that I'll wrap everything up in Chapter 23. I may finish this book by the end of the weekend. That would be cool; I could start revisions on October 1st if I really wanted to. I think the book is pretty solid already, though of course since I don't read back at all while I'm working on a first draft, I have no real idea. I'll bet there's a lot of stuff I've forgotten about since I began writing on the first of March. That seems forever ago.

Also, and very importantly, I wrote the Final Sentence of the Novel this evening, on the bus ride home. I'm sure I was channeling a better writer than I am, because yes, it's that good. I am well pleased and I can't wait to get to that final sentence.

Anyway, in about 3500 words, I'll have this first draft (of the total rewrite of a novel I heavily revised eight times already) finished. And that's a relief, I can tell you. Soon soon soon.


  1. Congratulations! It's about time.
    I made 80,123 yesterday.
    I had to insert 2 scenes I completely forgot about so that's going to throw my word count upwards but that's okay.
    Three more "days" and a rewrite of the ending (that's already written) and I'm done. I'm hoping by this weekend too but more as likely not. Perhaps Monday.

    And please tell me no harm came to that bear in the making of your novel.

  2. To which Horatio answered, "He's just in from darkest Peru."

    That's fantastic work, Scott. I must say that am thoroughly hooked on this novel and what I can glean about what you're trying to accomplish with it.

  3. Anne: No real bears were harmed in the writing. Fictional bears may fare less well.

    That's great about your progress. And hey, congrats about "Notes From Underground!" If you finish your novel, you'll have time to write 10 pages for us! Whee! No sleep for the wicked, et cetera.

    Nevets: It goes like this...

    Hamlet: Why is there a bear in the courtyard?

    Horatio: He visits from Peru.

    Bear (giving Horatio a hard stare): From darkest Peru.

    I hope the book lives up to everyone's expectations. I'm still in love with it, at least. And I really think the last page is pretty good. So we'll see. Like Anne, I'm probably going to finish around Monday. And then: sleep!

  4. How exciting. You've got to be totally chuffed. I'm back to work on mine with edits. I've heavily edited the beginning and realized I have to completely redo several parts. I just deleted an entire chapter and started over with it. I like where it's going now. Nose to the grindstone, Baby!

  5. I'm really happy for you, Scott. You're so consistent in your progress. I'll be excited to read your book as a whole.