Sunday, October 10, 2010

Killing Hamlet: Revisions Revisions Revisions

I am making excellent progress through the manuscript, I am pleased to report. As usual, no matter how many passages I cut, the wordcount keeps creeping up. See earlier reference to Xeno's manuscript and the impossibility of actually making it to the end of revisions.

Knowing how the story ends destroys any mystery while I read this, so I can't exactly say if things like foreshadowing are working. At times like this you just have to trust in the process and trust that you knew what you were doing during the drafting phase, and trust your own grasp of story mechanics and narrative structure. We'll just see if it all works when I let someone actually read the damned thing.

Although Chapter Nine? That totally rocks. The last page is amazingly cool.

Also: Last night Mighty Reader and I saw Guided By Voices at the SODO Showbox. The crowd was a bit too heavily populated by beefy guys drunk on too much beer with man-crushes on the amazing Bob Pollard, but the band rocked and Bob was in fine voice and they played all my favorites ("Striped White Jets!" "Motor Away!" "Gold Heart Mountaintop Queen!" "Hot Freaks!" Too many more to name!). I was worried that it would be sort of sad, a bunch of old geezers up on stage playing loud music, but GBV were awfully cool and amazingly amazing and I am happy to have had the chance to see them live. This was the final stop on the reunion tour, and this lineup will likely never hit the stage again.


  1. Congrats on all the revisions. That's fantastic!

    I'm going to go check out GBV. I've never even heard of them. Glad you enjoyed the concert.

  2. Not too many years ago I couldn't have imagined saying this, but when I did my recent rewrite / revision of the first part of Sublimation, and I ended up a few thousand words shorter, I was thrilled!

    Nice thing about seeing a lo fi band in concert is that their recordings don't fool you into thinking they sound entirely different...

  3. Well done on the revisions, Scott.

    I'm working on revisions meself and the pace is rather lethargic so far (haven't worked on this one in a while).

    Keep us posted

  4. Disarm the settlers
    The new drunk drivers
    Have hoisted the flag
    We are with you in your anger
    Proud brothers do not fret
    The bus will get you there yet
    To carry us to the lake
    The club is open

    The more I think about the GBV show, the more lucky I realize I am to have seen the band. They broke up about six years ago, right when I was discovering them. Imagine my disappointment. Imagine my surprise also to discover after the show that Mighty Reader was not charmed by the band. But I suppose they're a bit pub rock, a bit guy's music (like maybe the Who or the Clash). Still, a crowd of 1700 all singing along ("the club is open!") with fists in the air? Color me happy.

    Where was I? Oh, revisions. I always draft short, with some bits being little more than sketches or notes to myself. My books always get longer during rewrites. I cut about 10K words from an earlier novel and still the MS ended up being 10K longer than the original length when I was done. Go figure. I think this book will be a little over 82K when I get through the revisions.

  5. Congratulations on the revisions progress, Scott! I'm excited to read the book. I love it when you are excited by your own work. It makes me happy.