Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Books By Mail Et cetera

Tara Maya's Conmergence finally showed up in the mail today. I began to think it would never come. I will be reading Ms. Maya's speculative fiction tales as soon as I finish My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me, which is a rollicking good time and I don't know why the rest of you aren't reading it.

&cet: Revisions to Cocke & Bull continue apace. I am through eleven or twelve chapters (I forget), which is to say I'm about 40% through the MS. So that's not bad progress, actually. My hope is to finish this first revision by the end of January and then have another look at the thing. I know that there are two major scenes coming up that I'll want to do a lot of work with, and there is a journal whose entries I may wish to rewrite entirely, but I still think that I can hit my goals, timeline-wise. The book is very dark, but it's also my best work yet (not that I'd say such a thing myself, but my friends have told me it's so).


  1. Mmm, good books!I can't say if C&B is your best work yet because I *cough cough* haven't read it yet.

    Oh, yeah, Thirds shipped to you yesterday. You should get it soon. :)

  2. All the best with your revisions. I need to follow your example in approaching my manuscript!

  3. I'm excited for C&B, Scott! And, I got my Conmergence copy this weekend too. It's lovely.