Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Trip To California

I have been in Monterey, California since Thursday afternoon. I will return (and quite gladly, too) to my happy home of Seattle tomorrow morning. What I've been doing here is all very dull and work-related and so I ignore it all, but I do have some photos! Yes, they're crappy photos taken with my camera phone because I left my proper camera at home, but still, proof of life as they say. I was not able, alas, to get a picture of any of the many western scrub jays I've seen, nor of any of the large and threatening turkey vultures, nor of either of the hawks. I didn't bother photographing any starlings, because they're common as dirt and--let's just admit it--they are a pox upon the New World. But I have photos nonetheless:

Here you see the beach facing north, with one wing of the hotel in the shot.

Here you see the beach facing south, with Monterey's famous Cannery Row, very tiny and distant in the background. Just squint; it's there.

Some of my time was spent in Carmel. Here's a nice bit of downtown Carmel for you. Look at that blue, cloudless sky.

This is the place where I spent many a dull hour. The less said about that, the better.

Coffee is a necessity wherever I go. These people were my pushers in Carmel.

Here is one of the beautiful cut-glass champagne flutes I didn't buy. The set of six was $375 and you know, I'm not made of money and I didn't love the glasses that much. But still, pretty.

Where I did part with some cash was the Carmel Lush shop. Lush! I'm going to take a bubble bath tonight after the awards banquet. Yeah, that's right, punk. A bubble bath.

I also went to one of the smallest bookshops I've ever seen, where I picked up a copy of Jaimy Gordon's National Book Award-winning novel Lord of Misrule, which turns out to be about the seedy world of low-purse horse racing. It's also pretty good so far (I'm 80 pages in).

Since I'm staying in a hotel, I have had access to movies on cable. District 9 made me very tense. But it's much better than the trailers made it out to be, despite the nearly constant violence and high ick factor.

Lastly, why is the Pogues' "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" the soundtrack to a car commercial? Does no one see the irony there?


  1. Lovely little update, Scott! It's nice to see you alive because I totally forgot you were going out of town. I stole your Filler Friday. Please forgive me, although it looks like you weren't planning on doing it anyway.

    Hope you enjoyed that bubble bath! I haven't taken a bubble bath in years. Darcy gets them 4 times a week. There is something wrong here...

    I love Monterey. I spent a week there a few years ago, and then drove out again a year after that. I took a picture of that same beach. :)

  2. I really like Monterey, it's a nice combination of beauty and harshness for me, and it gets my art going. Hope you are back home safe and sound now!

  3. Michelle: Yes, I was away, at work! I'll admit that I never actually made it into Monterey. The hotel was a few miles from town and I had no car so my days were spent either in Carmel or at the hotel at the edge of the suburbs. The beach was nice, but I have no idea what Monterey is like. Carmel is very touristy. I didn't care for it.

    Lois: Yeah, blue sky was nice. But I was happiest once I got back to the gray of Seattle.

    Davin: Like I said to Michelle, I never really made it into Monterey. It remains a hazy smudge in the distance. But I'm home again with Mighty Reader and our cat. I'm pretty much always happier at home than anywhere else.