Wednesday, February 16, 2011

West of Here with Jonathan Evison

Tonight Mighty Reader and I went to the fabulous Elliott Bay Bookstore on Capital Hill to hear Jonathan Evison read from and discuss his new novel West of Here. It was a great time; Jon is charming, funny, articulate and he loves to talk. The excerpts from the book made the whole room--I'm sure of it--want to already have read the novel just so we could talk more about it with the author. If Jon's book tour comes to your town, be sure to go, and don't forget to ask him about Bigfoot and the Bigfoot tour he went on. You won't be disappointed.

If Jon's tour isn't coming to your town, that's no excuse not to run down to your plucky local indie bookstore and snatch up a copy of West of Here.

I met Mr. Evison a bit over a year ago at a reading he did with Mary Miller (author of Big World which you should also read). Jon read from his debut All About Lulu (and again, another book I don't know why you haven't read yet) and after that we talked about agents and writing and he bought pitchers of Guinness for the room. It was swell and tonight as he was making his way through the crowd to get to the book-signing table, he grabbed my hand and said, "Scott, how've you been?" I'm sure he's met at least 3,000 people since that night at the College Inn Pub. I am visibly impressed. I don't think the man ever forgets anyone. Jon's a genuine Real Nice Guy and an award-winning author so, like I say, go buy his damned book already. It has maps!

Also, the new Elliott Bay location is totally groovy. We bought six books while we were there. You know what I love? Bookstores.


  1. West of Here sounds interesting. His website describes the dual narrative as focusing both on the past and the consequences in the current time. It is something I'm trying to do in my current WIP. Thanks for the info.

    He's coming to my neck of the woods in March.

  2. Charlie, you should put it on your calendar and go! I don't go to enough author readings but they're always worth the time. Something as simple as hearing a writer read their own work aloud is amazingly helpful. Also, Jon's a cool dude and he makes it a point to help out other writers so I'm sure he'd be happy to talk about the dual timeline structure and how he makes that work.

  3. >I met Mr. Evison a bit over a year ago at a reading he did with Mary Miller (author of Big World which you should also read).

    That reading was a blast! Can't wait to dig into West of Here myself.

  4. And I remember you read, too. That story about the suspenders was very naughty and cool.

  5. Also, I just purchased The Avian Gospels by Adam Novy.