Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Haydn, Bartok, Brahms and Red Meat

Tonight Mighty Reader and I are going to go hear the Emerson String Quartet play Haydn, Bartok and Brahms. Three of my favorite composers by one of our favorite bands. The Emersons play standing up, you know. That always discomfits me a bit but I try to bear up, being so very brave as I am.

The program looks quite fine. I've heard the Brahms, I know the Bartok pretty well and I am unfamiliar with the Haydn, but hey! it's Haydn so I am bound to love it. I really need to make more time in my life to play violin. Really I do.

It's also Shrove Tuesday, when I traditionally wonder if I'm going to observe Lent this time around. I've already given up cigarettes and psychotic girlfriends. Perhaps I'll give up meat entirely this time. Last year I gave up red meat. Did it contribute to my thoughtful and penitential state? Likely not.

I'm still working on my grand outline for the new secret writing project. Possibly I'll have a working list of chapters by the end of the week, and then, oh then. I have a feeling this will be a quick draft, and I'm ever so excited to get a move on.


  1. Enjoy the show. I loves me some strings. My kids keep me playing. Last summer they requested I learn Mozart's Turkish March. I started on piano (I have the sheet music in a book) but quickly realized my dexterity on a guitar is better suited for that piece. I learned it all eventually, but by the time I did I grew bored with it and have since taken to playing a jazzy rendition I concocted to keep it interesting.

    PS this post showed up in Google reader and my first reaction was who the fuck is "six words for a hat"?

  2. Rick, you leave "six words for a hat" alone. It didn't do anything to you.

    I like quartets and Brahms! I'm not familiar enough with the other composers except to know that they exist.

  3. Secret project? What happened to "Nowhere But North"???

    Curiouser and curiouser!

  4. Rick: Davin made me rename the blog. It's his fault. I'm learning some Mozart on violin right now. If I ever get back to it. It's been weeks since I've touched the poor thing. I'm also learning Monti's Czardas. Easy and fun!

    Domey: You don't know Bartok's music? Hmm. I will send you something.

    Alex: Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

  5. I just noticed you're reading Possession by Byatt. I just finished it. What a weird wacky wonderful ride. Wait till you get to the end....oooohhhh spoiler!

  6. Anne: This is my third or fourth time through Possession, so I know how it ends! I can't help noticing that there are a lot of Hamlet references in this book.