Monday, March 7, 2011

Once Again I Lie to Myself

I promised myself that when I was finished with revisions to the latest novel, I'd take a nice break and concentrate on reading rather than writing or rewriting. It will surprise nobody that I've broken that promise already, and have begun to make notes for the next book. I am all a-quiver with excitement. This is the uttermost of fun, the best of all possible parts of the writing process, when I brainstorm and make my first rough outline and figure out what the book is going to be. About all of which, I am going to remain uncharacteristically mum.


  1. I don't think I've ever had a truly secret project. I always end up having to tell someone or it drives me nuts. I'm excited you're working on something Top Secret, though! This post proves you're a writer. You just can't keep away. :)

  2. Can you hear me laughing from my house? You're right, it's no surprise you've started work on another project.

  3. I love the first drafting part. It's exhilarating.