Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Historical Research: the Happiness of the German People

"I am incensed over the atrocity reports which have been circulated during the Christmas season concerning Germany and National Socialism, and I categorically declare that no executions or political arrests have taken place in Germany. There have also been no party purges. At the time of the alleged executions the party was engaged in bestowing Christmas gifts on millions of German children as part of its Winter relief work. The German people are observing the Christmas season in complete happiness, highly gratified by the magnificent solidarity reflected in the new community of the people." --State Secretary Frank, Propaganda Ministry, Third Reich, Berlin, December 1934 as reported by the New York Times, 1/1/1935


  1. Which book is this for? The Last Guest? I thought that was sort of contemporary.

  2. The Last Guest is set in the summer of 1935. The New Deal is under way in America, fascism is on the rise in Europe, Italy is on the brink of war with Ethiopia and all of northern Africa is worried about racial violence, Babe Ruth has retired from professional baseball, the Aviation is the most popular cocktail in America, preparations for the 1936 Berlin Olympic games are underway and all sorts of other things are going on. A fascinating time, it is.