Friday, April 1, 2011

The woman who came to my office


The woman who came to my office at nine o'clock was a total stranger to me. She paused on the threshold, halfway through my half-open door and looked into all the corners of my office. Assured that we would be alone, she slid the rest of the way in and quietly but quickly shut the door behind her. She was a small woman, in a tight shapeless dress of charcoal gray under a tight black sweater. She was wearing scuffed black knee boots and charcoal hose. There was nothing remarkable about her face or hair and possibly I'd seen her hundreds or thousands of times in the halls of the Department and failed to noticed as we passed each other by. She sat in the wooden chair opposite mine, my gray steel desk between us. Her posture was stiff and she kept her hands in her lap. Her eyes were green, I think.

"You got my note?"

I didn't like her voice.


  1. Well you fooled me, I thought for sure it was the woman with the scarf.

  2. Never underestimate the power of positive misdirection.