Thursday, June 9, 2011

More Historical Research

A rat put secretly into a woman's cell may exhaust her nervous system and her inner strength till she is unable to stick to her story.


An educated young man of eighteen lived in the house of an uncle. The old gentleman went to consult a nerve specialist in regard to some slight nervous trouble of the younger friend. On that occasion he confided his recent suspicion that the young man might be a thief. Money had repeatedly been taken from a drawer and from a trunk; until lately he had had suspicions only of the servants; he had notified the police, and detectives had watched them. He was most anxious to find out whether his new suspicion was true, as he wanted, in that case, to keep the matter out of court, in the interest of the family. The physician, Dr. Jung, in Zurich, arranged that the young man come for an examination of his nerves.

--Hugo Munsterberg, "Essays on Psychology & Crime," 1922

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