Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Philosophical Detective Update

Boring for you, but I want to make a note of it: Chapter 9 is finished, which means I have but three more chapters to write of this first draft. Wordcount is 56,621 so I should be at right around 70K when I finish. I always draft a bit short and things expand during rewrites, but 70K will be pretty healthy, I think. I can work with that so no worries, as the kids say. The writing was awfully difficult these last couple of days but the prose is good. Tonight's bit, about the secret life of the Irish chambermaid, was very good indeed. I feel like John Cheever, running from room to room and shouting about kings riding elephants. Which is a nice way to feel. Some nice jokes earlier in the chapter, too. All in all, I am pleased with what I've got so far. I should have this first draft all written before the end of August, which is Right On Schedule.


  1. I think I might steal "The Secret Life of the Irish Chambermaid" for the title of my next book. :)

  2. It's a good title! Do it! If I was writing that book, of course, there'd be no Irish chambermaid in the story. 'Cause I'm subtle like that.

  3. Scott, I think it's cool to be able to stay on schedule. Whenever I set out to tackle something specific, I'm suddenly inspired to do something else. I lack the discipline to stay on track.

    If I were writing The Secret Life of a Chambermaid, she would probably be a spy/assassin type, definitely a bad ass. But that's me.

  4. Charlie, my world is full of distractions. My writing world especially so. I have so many ideas for novels that I'm constantly tempted to put down whatever I'm writing and work on something else. But that way lies madness, so I manfully resist!

    Good start on Chapter 10 at lunch today! I'll be writing about the Battle of Belleau Wood tonight or tomorrow, and that's going to be interesting. And gruesome, maybe. I haven't decided. WWI was really a nasty place to be, I think.

    I'm going to write The Chambermaid of Secret Lives. That's got all sorts of possibilities for badassitude.

  5. I love it when things are working out in my writing...go for it, sounds like you're on a roll!