Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Almost There

I am something like 300-500 words away from finishing the first draft of my philosophical detective story, which is either called The Last Guest, The Transcendental Detective, or something else. I think I know my final sentence and I think I know how to get from the last sentence I've written to that sentence. I also think that I can bridge that gap of 300-500 words this evening, on the bus that takes me to a fine pizza and beer place. If I manage to finish the book tonight, I'll be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, which a Virgo will always find pleasing. A lot of ifs, I know. Writing the final scene of a novel always makes me twitchy, and I'm twitchy now and no mistaking. But I'm very very close. Very close.


  1. Planning to do 300-500 words on a bus: wow! I'm impressed with your drivenness and self-knowledge. Hope by now you're enjoying a nice glass of wine to celebrate writing "the end."

  2. Yat-Yee: Thanks! I did have a glass of wine, and I did write "END" when I was done!

    Next up: typing the last 5,000 words into the Word document and then ignoring the MS for a couple of weeks. Yay!

    I can do 500 words on my bus commute most days. That's no big deal.

  3. Congratulations Mr. Bailey! You won our bet. I should have told you I gave up after Monster Child was released from school, but alas, I did not have the heart as I was still plugging, albeit slowly, along.

    For what it's worth, and only my humble opinion, I like The Transcendental Detective as a title. The Last Guest reminds me of a Christie novel and she wrote genre. You, on the other hand, could never be a genre writer. And the word transcendental is absolutely delicious, conjures up so many interesting vibes.

    I hope things are going well for you out there in the wilds of the Pacific Norhtwest.

  4. Anne, thanks! Are you still on blog holiday? I haven't checked in about a week. But yes, I win! I forget if we had any stakes.

    Mighty Reader likes The Transcendental Detective, too. I think she came up with that title. I like The Last Guest precisely because it sounds like a Christie title, and her books have been a sort of loose model for mine. But frankly, neither title is quite right so I hope to come up with something during revisions next month or so. I'm taking the rest of August off from writing!

    We think we found a molehill in our backyard this morning, and that's got us vexed, but otherwise things are fabulous.