Monday, August 1, 2011

A Metaphor For Today's Writing

Driving too fast in a car with faulty steering and no brakes along a cliffside road that overlooks the ocean. Between the trees that blur past my window I get glimpses of high waves smashing against sharp rocks far far below. Also, it's raining and the wipers don't function and I've never been on this road before. But there is, at least, a battered steel guardrail most of the time. If I get to the bottom and climb out of the car I'll look back up at the winding steep road and tell myself I was lucky to make it and I'll be exhilarated and impressed with myself but I won't want to make the drive again.


  1. Wow, it was bad enough before the rain! I'll see you at the bottom, Bailey!

  2. Oof! I made it, though I lost a side mirror on a sharp curve. Some damage to a cocktail shaker as well, alas. But Chapter 10 is written, damn it, and I've cracked 60K words. Hurrah!

    For my next trick, I shall name policemen after scientists and make clever but subtle references to Shakespeare while overtly referencing the historically-accurate ineptitude of a rural Washington sherrif in the 1930s. While juggling flaming torches and riding a horse. Also, the culprit will be revealed!