Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monarch, by Michelle Davidson Argyle

My friend (and Literary Lab co-host) Michelle Davidson Argyle's thriller Monarch pubs today. I am not supposed to be envious, but I am. I can't be happier for Michelle, and I hope she sells a bunch of copies. Fans of suspense stories and action-packed romances should run out and buy the book!

Links and stuff:

You can find all book and author info here.

You can sign up for Michelle's newsletter. She's giving away bookmarks and posters and a free matte cover copy of Monarch, signed. Go here.

To see Michelle's current newsletter announcing the giveaways, make with the clicky right here.


  1. Thank, you Scott! Your support has been deliciously wonderful. Couldn't have made it here without you and Davin!

  2. I was just a cheerleader; you did all the writing. Congratulations!