Friday, September 9, 2011


I have just purchased a subscription to the new Seattle Opera season. Mighty Reader and I will be seeing Bizet's Carmen, Verdi's Attila and Puccini's Madama Butterfly. Hurrah! I'm undecided about Gluck's Orpheus and Eurydice, but we can add that one later if we want to.

This will be our first season of opera. We saw Porgy and Bess not too long ago and it was fabulous, so we've decided to throw our money at the arts and wallow in more Western European Kultur. Yes, Carmen and M. Butterfly are more-or-less old warhorses, but they're excellent old warhorses and I won't be shy about saying that I love the music. I've never heard Attila but who doesn't like Verdi? I'd pay good money to see a production of his Otello, I would. Some of the best writing for operatic bass ever.

It would be cool if Seattle Opera would put on some more modern works, by folks like Janacek or Berg (I'd pay a good chunk to see Lulu or Wozzeck if you're listening, Seattle Opera). Mighty Reader has a fondness for 20th Century music. Which is why I need to look seriously at the calendars for Meany Performance Hall (the Emersons are coming again this year, and it's all Mozart which delights me more than I can possibly say. No Berg or Webern this year in the whole series, and only one Haydn trio, alas. How will I get my Haydn fix? How will Mighty Reader get her Webern fix? Why would I pay $34 to hear the Carpe Diem Quartet play Monti's Czardas when I can play that piece? WTF, CDQ? Though they're doing a Piazolla piece so props to them for that.

Where was I? Oh, opera. I think it'll be a good time.

Meanwhile, revisions to The Last Guest continue apace. I am considering a new scene in the middle which will aid in breaking up a long passage in Chapter 10 (because I'll move half of that long passage into the new scene, if I write it). I am also considering adding another red herring to the story, and then I've got to ask myself if the actions of the detective in the third act are plot manipulation or if she's just a damned clever detective. Hard to say. We'll just see, won't we?


  1. Jealousy! Mr. G and I love going to the opera, and the local performing arts house here in the Lansing area only shows an opera every one or two years. We go to every one, and all of them have been excellent. (It's not just because they're the only ones we get to see. Opera buffs who have seen plenty in Europe usually rave about them. We get quality if not quantity.) Sadly, they happen too infrequently. Enjoy your season tickets!

  2. Sigh. I've only seen one opera in my life and I absolutely adored it. I hope I get to see more in the future. Where I live is sadly lacking, but Salt Lake has decent stuff.

  3. Ms Shell: I used to listen to opera every Sunday afternoon, but this going to see them in person stuff is all new for us. I'm very excited! It's very expensive! I'm not sure I'm excited about that.

    Michelle: I don't know if this is something Mighty Reader and I will do every year. We're seeing how it goes this time. It could end up being one of those "Remember that year we saw those operas? Hey, what's on TV?" sort of things.

    You're close enough to SLC that you could drive home after a show there, aren't you? A long drive, yes, but still possible?

    And I'm just going to say that opera in general is overflowing with goofiness. It's absolutely foolish. We're doing it anyway.

  4. I just remember that opera I went to making me very, very happy and satisfied goofiness and all, hehe. Yes, I can go to SLC to operas if I ever have a babysitter, a car, and a husband all in one night. :)