Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Transcendental Revisions, part 2

I have finished the first round of revisions to my philosophical detective novel, The Last Guest. I added about 5,000 words and cut about 2,300 others and so now the MS is just a little over 71,000 words. Not a long novel, but 71,000 words is a fine length for a first mystery. This weekend I managed to finish the hateful task of typing up all of my changes into the Word(tm) document, and today I've printed out that revised document and over the coming week I'll read through the MS again to see what I think of it. This draft should come pretty quickly, as I think the narrative's pretty solid as it is. I plan to add one new scene, featuring the redoubtable Captain Mayhew, USMC. This might necessitate altering a scene late in the book; we'll see when we get there. Anyway, I'm getting very close to the day when I can have my Three Trusted Readers(tm) have a look at the book before I send it off to my One Trusted Agent(tm).

Though it's certainly jumping the gun a considerable bit, I've been making notes for what could be a sequel to this book. It looks interesting so far, and I'll get to do all sorts of further research, which is always exciting. Working title for the idea-in-progress is The Circus in the Dust. C'est tres Faulkner, non?

I also had what might be a good couple of ideas for the literary fiction piece I've put on the back burner while revising the detective novel, and it'll be fun to get back to that book in, say, October. Not having an outline from which to work is allowing me to ask more "what if" questions about the story than I normally would ask, maybe, and so I've hit upon some interesting possibilities for the book. It'll be nice to get back to that one. I miss the African goats.


  1. Wow. You've written an entire novel while I've been taking a blog break. Love the title for possible book 2. I hope you've had a grand summer.

  2. I like both titles. I look forward to reading this one. I'm also still waiting on Horatio. Any news about the release date for that one?

  3. Lois: I envy you your blog break. I wrote this new novel to amuse my girl friend, and it's been pretty easy work but I begin to think it's actually a pretty good book.

    I've had a swell summer. I hope you have, too! The weather is beginning to turn here already, which annoys me because I haven't had enough sunshine yet this year.

    Tara Maya: Book 2 will have a real circus! And dust storms (in the Kansas dust bowl)! And murder and other crimes! And did I mention the circus? With clowns!