Thursday, October 20, 2011

Exciting For Me, at Least

I just emailed my fabulous agent to tell her that she'll see the MS for The Last Guest in her inbox any day now, as soon as I finish typing up some changes into the Word document. This is one of the nicer things I get to say about being a writer.

I also just emailed some critique notes to a young writer about a first novel. I tried to be nice but I had some hard things to say about the way the story is structured. This is one of the less nice things I get to say about being a writer.

So I dwell on the nervous excitement of sending off a new book to my agent. Because that's a nicer feeling. This is a very stupid post, but it's what I got, kids.


  1. That wasn't a stupid post.

    I try to be happy about all the small-seeming happy steps in the writing process.

    I celebrate them and remember them so that I can fortify myself for the not-so-happy steps in the process.

  2. You just gave me flashbacks. I'm going to sit on the floor and twitch nervously for a while now.

  3. Rick, I was so much meaner to you than I was to this writer. But you're from Ohio, so you're strong.

    Cynthia, I'm always happy to email Weronika. I hope she's always happy to get my emails!

  4. This isn't a stupid post! I'm very excited about your new book, Scott. I'll bet Weronika is too. :)

  5. It's exciting for us too. Remember, we've all been reading your blog for a couple of years now, so in a sense, we're sharing in your success. We knew you way back when, since the eel days.
    Okay, maybe it's a little more exciting for you.

  6. You know what, Charlie? You're a damned nice guy.